5G Broadband

Impressed Wireless Model

To encourage uptake and deployment of new technology, Jarvis tel.net has combined 5G broadband, IPTV and LoRaWAN equipment in a package that benefits the consumer and as well as the telecommunications industry.

This new offering delivers access to high speed, high throughput connectivity alongside internet protocol television services without any financial outlay from the consumer side.

The equipment and service subscription is fully funded by Jarvis tel.net and is provided on lease via a technician installation at no extra charge.

In return for free access to these internet and television services, Jarvis tel.net requires that the customer allows for the installation and operation of a LoRaWAN and, in some instances, a public Wi-Fi hotspot in their property. This aids in the deployment of network infrastructure and the vision of a connected future.

LoRaWAN provides network coverage and subsequential growth for the Internet of Things and our public Wi-Fi hotspot service always includes a free option for basic browsing thus ensuring connectivity for the community.

5G has suffered some negative press during its rollout and may have led some to view the technology in a bad light. Jarvis tel.net wants to demonstrate the inherent advantages that 5G can offer in the form of low lag, high throughput mobile broadband and what better way to do that than with internet based television services.

Update 05/05/2021
This package is no longer open to new subscriptions. Existing customers will continue to receive TV and broadband services for the remaining 24 months since the date of sign up.